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The aim is to create a building which is sustainable, emotionally evocative and integrator to the site.

Landhof building considerations


The aim is to create a building which is sustainable, emotionally evocative and integrator to the site.

The structure, space and materials follow the choreography of organic forms of the park.

As the days and the seasons change, so will the building envelope.

Shadows will cause irregular forms, through the filters of light, and the colors of the leaves of the site will reflect seasonal changes in the building's facade.

The vegetal roof, planted with local grasses, will mature to become a large component of the farm land.


The building will be integrated into the surrounding landscape temporality, in which it will evolve, grow and decay in harmony with the rhythm of nature.

With the passing of the seasons, the colors of the park will reflect and will transform the building transparent wrap which will allow to redefine the experience of interior space.


The architecture of the building of the farm aims to foster a spirit of discovery through its shape.

The psychological heart of the building is in the composition, hugs with nature-art-people.

Planned as three solar hemicycles joined by three large arms that intermingle with nature, through integration with Ailantus, "inside the building" carefully located.

Landhof building

Three circles perfect relationship: People entering the building, Culture Circle, with the shade house "...... and the Circle of Environment incorporates vegetation, and is complemented by the walkway and patios, integrates the new work.

The new focal point meeting of the citizens of the area, with the SUM (Multipurpose Hall), offers amenities that were absent for a long time in the old stadium.

The shape of the building is arranged to maximize the use of natural light, minimizing the number of trees lost in construction.


The sights, sounds and smells of Landhof, penetrate through each room, reinforcing the relationship of the visitor with the site, in response to the dichotomy of celebrating the natural environment, while an unnatural object is injected in it.

Like a snowdrift, outcrop elements of the site, the building is manifested in various ways, each point of view offers a diverse and unique expression of its form.

Enveloped by trees, the rounded shapes ceiling, mimicks the shape of the top of the trees against the blue sky.

The transparent walls made of glass allow the fading of interior-exterior limits, integrating them fully, what gives the feeling inside as if they were deepened on the site.

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Concurs Illa Basilea | Landhof-Areal
Basilea | SUÏSSA
Fecha Inicio: Octubre 2012
Fecha Terminación: Marzo 2013
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Basilea Wettbewerb Landhof-Areal 

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