2018 call BLOG contributors

The initial aim of the Arquia Foundation blog was to provide a space for debate, thinking and criticism on the current issues of the profession and an online space for young architects, a meeting point for the whole profession, a digital square or ágora 2.0.
Under this premise, the Arquia Foundation has announced the 2nd call for seven new contributors to the Arquia Foundation blog for 2018 (5 Spaniards and 2 Portuguese), in order to boost its thematic content.
This year, with the opening of two new Arquia Banca offices in Lisbon and Porto, the Arquia Foundation opens the call to two architects and/or students from Portugal.
The new contributors may publish up to four posts per year.
The following people can participate in the call:
  • Architects who have graduated from a Spanish or foreign higher technical school of architecture
  • Architecture students from a Spanish or foreign higher technical school of architecture.

It is an essential condition that the candidate be able to emit invoices. The official written language for articles will be Spanish and Portuguese.
Announcement and opening of the call: 5 March 2018
Submission date for the documentation: from 5 March to 6 April 2018
Deadline for submission of documentation: 6 April 2018 at 12 p.m.
Consideration and analysis of proposals: 6 April to 4 May 2018
Decision of the call: from 28 May 2018
Documentation and submission
To ensure the anonymity of the applicant before the jury, personal data should be omitted from the submitted files. Besides the mandatory fields on the registration form, two PDF files must also be attached in the fields enabled for this purpose on the same form:

1 PDF file containing the following:
A. A completed post that is ready to publish (page 1/2)
The post must be unpublished and have as the sole author the person selected in the call. The post must contain between 450-500 words (less than one A4 sheet in arial 10).
B. Four proposed post titles (page 2/2)
Proposed titles for 4 posts to be published (including post A) throughout 2018 indicating the section to which they would belong, 4 key words or tags for each one and a brief description of no more than 140 characters.

1 PDF file containing a brief CV (1 page)

For more information please see the requirements.

Registration in this call can only be done online via the Arquia Foundation platform. To be able to start the registration, prior accreditation on the platform is required for those who are not already AF users or who have not yet been accredited. AF user accreditation.

Once accredited, they can access the registration form via the Register button.

Once the form has been submitted with the required documentation, the candidate will receive an email confirming receipt of the submission.

Deadline for registration and submission of documentation
6 April 2018 at 12 p.m.
13 de abril de 2018 a las 12:00 del mediodía
The jury will be composed of:
Arquia Foundation blog contributor and multiple architecture strategies
Santiago de Molina, who graduated as an architect from the ETSAM in 1997 and has a Ph.D. from the UPM in 2001 with a thesis on "collage and architecture" for which he received the extraordinary doctorate award from the UPM.
Architect and teacher; combines the dissemination and teaching of architecture, his office work and the blog Multiple architecture strategies.
Architect and Urban Planner
Domenico Di Siena is a trained Architect and Urban Planner. Works as a Researcher, Consultant and Promoter of Social Design, Urban Innovation, Network Thinking and Knowledge Management projects. Author of the blog Urbano Humano.
FALA ATELIER architectural firm
Ana Luisa Soares (Oporto, 1988), Portuguese architect from the Faculty of Architecture of Porto (Portugal) and Tokyo University (Japan).
Co-founder and partner of fala atelier, with Filipe Magalhães from 2013.
Sponsor and representative of the Arquia Foundation
Ángela Barrios, Seville 1970, architecture graduate from the ETSA of Seville in 1996 and with a Ph.D. in architecture in 2001. Currently Professor of the University of Seville.
Editorial secretary and director of the Arquia Foundation blog
Lorenzo Barno, Pamplona 1973, who graduated as an architect from the ETSA of San Sebastian in 2003, is one half of the renowned Stepienybarno blog. He has specialised in topics such as online marketing, business models and online communication, always within the world of architecture and architects.
Assessment criteria
Proposed article for post (6p):
The quality and interest of the post will be assessed according to the following parameters: literary attitudes, affinity with the editorial line of the blog, concern for the collective of architects, proficiency in 2.0 communication, originality and ability to generate debate, as well as the attractiveness of the post and the ability to meet the requested length.
Proposed titles for 4 posts (4p):
Proposed titles for 4 posts to be published throughout 2018, indicating the section to which they would belong, 4 key words or tags for each one and a brief description of no more than 140 characters.

More information in the requirements.

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