Past arquia forums

4th arquia/upcoming forum Granada 2014: OUT

About 400 architects gathered in the Manuel de Falla auditorium to discuss the current and future situation of the sector, to find out more about the catalogue, which includes 120 works selected from more than 670 accomplishments presented in the 4th edition 2012-2013, as well as the details of the 29 finalists aspiring to clinch the Arquia upcoming Prize. The slogan 'OUT' [out of place, out of context, out of range, out of whatever] is time to go out suggested the abandonment of practices inherited in recent years and is also a call to return to within the spaces of historical responsibility associated with architecture. The curator of this fourth edition was Eva Franch and the jury was made up of Emilio Tuñón, Izaskun Chinchilla, Toni Gironés, Andrés Jaque and Luis Úrculo.
The arquia/upcoming prize of €15,000 was awarded to the following accomplishments: ANALOGICAL SMART CITIES, PARADISE LOST, MONU//BENCH PROJECT, FROM OLYMPIC GAMES TO URBAN GAMES AND SOCIAL ALPHABETS / ALPHABET CITIES by the PKMN collective
The remaining prizes were awarded to:

3rd arquia/upcoming forum A Coruña 2012: Nuevos Formatos (new formats)

25 and 26 October 2012-Museum of Fine Arts of A Coruña

The 3rd arquia/upcoming forum in A Coruña 2012 New Formats, attended by 195 participants, in the form of an open discussion, analysed and drew conclusions on the new ways of being an architect, the new challenges and the new paradigm of the moment, from the great diversity presented by the 1445 new accomplishments registered by the 426 architects and 137 companies who participated in the 2010-2011 edition of the arquia/upcoming biennale.

The New Formats topic reflects how the rapid technological and social changes of the past two decades present complex challenges for architectural practice and how architecture should adapt to these changes both academically and professionally, giving way to the new: new generations and new formats.

The jury, made up of the curator Ariadna Cantís and the scientific committee made up of Francisco Cabrera, Ricardo Devesa, José María Ezquiaga, Eva Franch, José Morales, Carlos Quintáns, Rogelio Ruiz and Marta Thorne, awarded the 2012 arquia/upcoming prize, worth 15,000 euros to the Inteligencia Colectiva 2.0 project from the ZOOHAUS collective and three special mentions to 2 Vpp in Badajoz by GÁLVEZ & ALGECIRAS, to the Centro Cultural Mercado de Ferreries and to the Escuela de Arte y Diseño de Amposta by David Sebastian Ucles and Gerard Puig Freixas. The Opinion prize was awarded to Spanish Dream by Ana Belén Amado Pazos, Luz Paz Agras and Marta Marcos Maroño, the online vote prize was awarded to 2 Vpp in Badajoz, by GÁLVEZ & ALGECIRAS, a work that was also awarded a mention by the jury and the Communication prize to Red Bull Academy by Langarita-Navarro.

The jury chose the 120 achievements that made up the New Formats online catalogue, as well as 24 selected accomplishments, which were explained by their authors at the Forum.

2nd arquia/upcoming forum Madrid 2010: In contrast

21 and 22 October 2010 &enDash; ETSA MADRID

The 2nd arquia/upcoming forum Madrid 2010: In contrast, was attended by 227 participants. In an open discussion format, it analysed and drew conclusions on the transformation that is occurring in the field of architecture, from more than 1,218 new accomplishments recorded by the 500 authors and 177 associations participating in the 2008-2009 edition of the arquia/upcoming biennial.

The In contrast topic comes from the times of economic crisis during which this call was held and how they unleashed profound processes of change within the structures set up in our professional field and those resulting from more recent structures. This title attempts to refer to that which undergoes a metamorphosis in facing the near future, both in terms of how to develop the profession, as well as in establishing new patterns of behaviour towards a society revealing important processes of change; changes generated by a combination of factors that it is not necessary to recount.

The jury of this second edition, made up of Carlos Quintans as curator and by the scientific committee comprised of Fernando Diaz Pines, Felix Arranz, Francisco Cifuentes, Santiago Cirugeda, Javier Mozas and Ricardo Sanchez Lampreave, awarded the 2010 arquia/upcoming prize, worth 15,000 euros to the School Canteen Type by LA PANADERIA (Rubén Alonso, Eva Morales y David Canavate). The Opinion prize was awarded to the Physical activity and leisure centre in the Tagus basin by José Maria Sánchez García and the Communication prize was awarded equally to the 704 gym project by HARQUITECTES and to the Frontón + Casa Concejíl Arribe & Atayo by VAUMM.

The jury selected the 120 achievements that made up the 2010 arquia/upcoming catalogue: In contrast and 24 selected, whose authors were able to present live at the forum .

1st arquia / upcoming forum Valencia 2008: Orígenes y desacuerdos’

29, 30 and 31 October 2008 - Paraninfo. Rectorate building. UPV

The 1st arquia/upcoming forum Valencia 2008: Origins and disagreements was attended by 385 participants. In an open discussion format, it analysed the architectural and sociological conclusions drawn from the 769 accomplishments presented in the 2006-2007 edition of the arquia/upcoming biennial by the 286 architect participants.

The topic of Origins and disagreements reflects the beginnings of the programme. It encompasses the development and systematic start, in a proactive way, of the documentation of the principles and results of those that begin their careers as architects in Spain; and it also encompasses disagreements, forgetfulness and prejudice as the basis of a conflict, a debate that in its relation to reality, and especially to future models of teaching in Spanish schools architecture, may contribute to the social revival of architecture as a collective reference of essential service to people and knowledge beyond market processes or emotion as exclusive public values.

The jury of the 2006-2007 edition, made up of Félix Arranz as curator, Marta Cervelló, Sara de Giles, Patxi Mangado, Carmen Pinós, Emilio Tuñón and the sociologist José Miguel Iribas, awarded the 2008 arquia/upcoming prize, worth €15,000, to the Vallecas eco-boulevard project by Ecosistema Urbano. The Opinion prize was also awarded to the project with the most votes from the public, House for the painter Damià Jaume by Francisco Cifuentes, as well as the Communication prize to the project Drawings for the 4th encontros internacionais de arquitectura: identities of the author Roque Viejo.

The 2008 arquia/upcoming catalogue "orígenes y desacuerdos" (origins and disagreements) was presented with 128 accomplishments chosen by the jury. Likewise, the authors of the 28 accomplishments selected, which comprised the arquia/upcoming exhibition, had the chance to present them publicly at the forum.

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