Previous editions

VI Edición 2016-2017

La VI edición ha contado con 1183 realizaciones registradas y 675 arquitectos participantes. El comisario de esta edición ha sido Iñaki Carnicero, y los miembros del jurado: Héctor Fernández Elorza, representante de la Zona Centro, Iñigo García Odiaga de Vaumm, representante de la Zona Norte, María González García de Sol 89, representante de la Zona Sur, Montserrat NoguésTeixidor, patrona de la Fundación Arquia, Anna Puigjaner Barberà de Maio, representante de la Zona Levante. Pilar Díaz de Paisaje Transversal ha sido el representante de los participantes escogido por los arquitectos próximos que cumplían los requisitos de participación en esta convocatoria.

El lema 'PRÁCTICAS RELEVANTES', invita a la reflexión sobre la paradoja existente entre el reconocimiento y éxito de la proyección internacional de la arquitectura española y el poco volumen de producción de la misma de estos últimos años. 



5th Edition 2014-2015

This edition features 1653 5th achievements registered and 675 participating architects. The curator of this edition is Alberto Veiga, and the jurors are: Eugeni Bach, Carlos Gomez Agusti, Jesus Irisarri, Eva Morales and Victor Navarro. José María Sánchez García was the representative of the participants chosen by the upcoming architects who met the requirements for participation in this call.

Titled FUTURE 'IMPERFECT' , this edition aims to initiate a reflection on how to deal with the profession with resilience but without melancholy

4th Edition 2012-2013

Registrations for this fourth edition amounted to 670 new accomplishments and 870 paticipating architects.

The jury, Eva Franch , general curator, Emilio Tuñón, Toni Gironès, Izaskun Chinchilla, Luis Úrculo, and Andrés Jaque , cataloged 120 accomplishments and selected 2 9 that show 

architectural projects that manifest a historical, critical, ecological and social claim through capital management and architectural, environmental and human surplus.

In the fourth edition 2012-2013, the arquia/upcoming award, endowed with 15,000€, was awarded to the following accomplishments:  Analogical Smart Cities, Paradise Lost, Monu//Bench Project, From Olympic Games to Urban Games and Social Alphabets / Alphabet Cities  by the PKMN collective. The entrepreneurial nature of this project, with its large portion of methodological and formal creativity, diligence and humor, is based on fundamental social and architectural values: the democratization of the city and the construction of social ties and community spaces capable of blurring economic, social or class differences. The reference for the project by PKMN, conceived from the outside, is what others understand as the "third person" in architecture: the user.


  • Accomplishments registered: 2496
  • Catalogued: 120
  • Selected: 29
  • Award-winners: 5
3rd Edition 2010-2011

Registrations in this third edition totaled 2,841 accomplishements and 991 architects.

The members of the jury were Francisco Cabrera, Ariadna Cantís (curator), Ricardo Devesa, José María Ezquiaga, Eva Franch, José Morales, Carlos Quintáns, Rogelio Ruiz and Martha Thorne, who cataloged 120 accomplishments and selected 24 of these that revealed new “roles” of young architects who are developing their work by searching for new formats, such as commissions, self-commissions, new formulas for cooperation in groups or collectives, social activism and or participation by engaging the public, new means of communication applied to architecture or a renewed awareness for completed designs.

In the second edition 2008-2009, the arquia/upcoming prize of 15,000€, was awarded to the following accomplishment: Collective Intelligence 2.0 by the ZOOHAUS collective. The jury noted that it stands out as a complete and complex example of NEW FORMATS, affecting both the way of working: a group of collectives, and the support: website. Particular value is placed on a teamwork proposal that develops an online research and dissemination project, an open and participative database, based on the analysis and mapping of constructive details and prototypes. The accomplishment is noteworthy due to its capacity to generate new processes, an authentic format for transformation.

2nd Edition 2008-2009

Registered in the first edition of the arquia/upcoming 2008-2009 biennial were 1,939 accomplishments and 286 architects. It must be noted that the participation was higher than in the previous edition, with very significant numbers despite the time when the call was made.

The jury, comprised by Carlos Quintans general curator, and the scientific committee, whose members were Fernando Diaz Pines, Felix Arranz, Francisco Cifuentes, Santiago Cirugeda, Javier Mozas and Ricardo Sanchez Lampreave wanted to discover new facets in the 128 accomplishments included in the catalogue and the 24 that were finally selected to which young architects are dedicating their work. This included the search for other formulas of development, such as competitions, commissions or self-commissions and new formulas for collaboration and social activisim that have become more common in recent years.

In the second edition 2008-2009, the arquia/upcoming prize of 15,000€, was awarded to the accomplishment Standard School Meal ' by ' THE BAKERY (Ruben Alonso, Eva Morales and David Canavate). '

The jury highlighted it as a rigorous project in which the conditions of the school premises were analysed and a minimum proposal with a high dose of sensitivity and common sense was offered, providing hope in the face of the new conditions currently faced by society.

I Edition 2006-2007

Registered in the first edition of the arquia 2006-2007 / upcoming biennial were 769 accomplishments and 286. The jury was formed by Félix Arranz as general curator, Marta Cervelló, Sara de Giles, Patxi Mangado, Carmen Pinós, Emilio Tuñón and the sociologist José Miguel Iribas, who selected the 128 cataloged accomplishments and 28 of those were selected with the following criteria:
The 128 in the catalogue were scrutinized for the significance of the accomplishment, considering the area where they are located, in other words, whether they reflected architectural diversity and the modus operandi from a geographical point of view. It was not an attempt to highlight the best and largest accomplishments, but to reveal a panorama (ample by definition) of the architecture being generated by architects who have held a degree for less than 10 years, through the prism of quality.
The 28 accomplishments selected were given awards for the quality of the project, its execution and originality.
In the I Edition 2006-2007, the arquia/upcoming award, endowed with 15,000€, was given to the accomplishment ECOBULEVAR IN EL ENSANCHE DE VALLECAS, by Ecosistema Urbano (Belinda Tato, José Luis Vallejo and Diego García Setién), in which the jury highlighted the advantages, utility, convenience and benefits of the project, where evironmental and sustainability criteria underpin all the implementations of the project, as well as its capacity to enhance social exchange.

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