About the directory of accomplishments

The Foundation presents the Arquia directory of accomplishments, a space within the AF platform that allows architects, architecture students and companies to present their professional activity.

Directory of accomplishments

In 2006, the arquia/upcoming programme was established, designed to provide support to Spanish architects in the first ten years of their careers and based on the dissemination, promotion and enhancement of their accomplishments and beginnings as professionals.
To this end, a website section was created to show the accomplishments of young architects that they themselves had uploaded and that would subsequently be included in the arquia/upcoming call.
The Foundation, from the great success of arquia/upcoming and following the principles of fostering architecture in Spain, decided to expand this feature, initially restricted to young architects, to any architecture professional wishing to disseminate their professional activity on the AF platform to a global audience of students, architects and potential customers.
This new space, differentiated from arquia/upcoming, consists of the directory of accomplishments that forms part of the professional module, the Foundation's new proposal.
In 2015, the Foundation entered the most significant elements of the DOCOMOMO Ibérico register of works (256 in Spain and 70 in Portugal) into the directory of accomplishments, being able to filter them according to name, use, author or location, including throughout the year, the 1144 works that are relevant on a national and international level, and finally the remaining 577 of local importance. These geolocated accomplishments, along with the AF accomplishments can be incorporated in the itineraries that the user chooses to generate.

Gallery of accomplishments

The gallery of accomplishments displays a random selection of accomplishments registered in our database determined by the Math Random system. Each time you access or refresh the website, the gallery is updated and displays a new selection.

Search accomplishments

To search in the directory of accomplishments, the website of the Foundation has a search engine that can filter according to specific criteria and locate quickly and efficiently the profile of the accomplishment(s) that best suits your needs.


The AF provides the option of activating the geolocation of the accomplishments published in the AF professional directory of accomplishments so that they can be incorporated into the customised itineraries that users wish to generate.


The AF invites AF users to generate their own customisable itineraries from the accomplishments published in the AF professional directory of accomplishments.

Latest news

The news section shows the latest achievements published on the AF platform, grouped according to age bracket, in order to keep up-to-date with the latest ideas and works.

Register accomplishments

Registration in the directory of accomplishments is reserved for architecture students, architects, studios and architecture firms, as well as institutions.
If you would like to your professional activity to appear in the directory of accomplishments, you can access the registration form via the link at the bottom of the page or via 'Register' on the side menu of the page.
Once you have registered as a user of the AF platform, go to the 'Accomplishments' section in the professional area of ​​your private area where you can create your accomplishment profiles in just a few minutes.

More information about accomplishments

To register an accomplishment, click on 'New accomplishment' and a form will appear where you can define the title of the accomplishment, the author, manage its participants, include a textual presentation, specify the technical information, create media galleries of the accomplishment and finally, define the privacy and use of the accomplishment.
Once you mark the option 'Add to directory of accomplishments', the accomplishment will be added to the list in the directory of accomplishments.
Complete the information for your professional profile with your career accomplishments.
To do so, go to the 'Accomplishments' section of your private area and quickly attach the information about your work and activities in an attractive format.
Incorporate your accomplishments in your CVs. We will soon enable a feature that lets you define the final format of the presentation.

Note: The Foundation is not responsible for the accuracy of the data provided by users on the profiles of the accomplishments in the directory of accomplishments.

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