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The Arquia Foundation publishing house is characterised by its work to promote architectural knowledge, its consistent editorial policy, with a clear design and content that is known within both the academic and professional spheres.

The publishing work of the Foundation on paper focuses on three collections: Arquia/thesis, Arquia/topics and Formwork, aimed at publishing architectural research projects. They have so far published more than 80 titles with a total of 140,000 copies.

The editorial production of the Arquia Foundation has been awarded various prizes and its prestige is growing. The various publications are already being cited in the bibliographies of doctoral theses being worked on each year at Schools of Architecture, having become reference works.

In its desire to promote architectural culture, after seeking prior approval from the authors, the Foundation has made some publications available to the reader as free downloads. They are publications that are already out of print but whose dissemination is worth maintaining due to the undoubted interest of their contents.

arquia/thesis collection

arquia/topics collection

arquia/formwork collection

It includes some of the most important doctoral theses that have been completed at Spanish Schools of Architecture. Studies on architecture that have arisen from the distillation of a long research project containing original work on the issues they face. The majority of published titles come from the biennial architectural thesis tender.

Director of the collection: Carlos Martí Arís

A place open to architectural reflection. A collection arising from research projects, a difficult commercial fit but of undoubted interest that usually remain excluded from the world of publishing. Arquia/topics aims to fill that gap, concentrating on disparate works, not necessarily of an academic nature.

The theory of architecture no longer has the strength and compactness of the old conventions. Its current condition is lighter and more volatile, manifesting itself occasionally in articles, debates or interviews. To prevent this knowledge from becoming lost or dispersed, this collection aims to gather the contributions of certain authors who have developed profound thinking with regards to architecture.

Director of the collection: Luís Martínez Santamaría

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