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New catalogue of the 11th Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism. Inflexion / Turning Point


The "Catalogue of the 12th Biennial of Spanish Architecture and Urban Planning. Inflection/Turning Point" is now available on the Foundation's website for registered users to view in PDF, edited by the Foundation, resulting from a collaboration with the Ministry of Public Works in producing the 11th BEAU.

The catalogue of the 12th BEAU contains the 15 award-winning works and the 27 works selected as finalists by the jury of this edition, works that represent new directions observed in contemporary architecture and urban planning and that stand out for their excellence and quality. 

In this biennial, the directors of the 12th BEAU, Enrique Sobejano and Fuensanta Nieto, wanted to foster a reflection on the recent past with a positive attitude, recognising this moment as a turning point rather than a regression, from which valid conclusions can be drawn with which to face the foreseeable future with the required optimism.

The PDF viewer provided by the Caja de Arquitectos Foundation for this publication allows free printing or downloading of individual projects or the entire document. It also incorporates features such as insert notes, a bookmark that lets you mark interesting projects and a selection of drawing and editing tools.




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