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Free to download from arquia/thesis 17: "La caja mágica. Cuerpo y escena" (the magic box, body and scene) by Fernando Quesada


The Arquia Foundation continues to recover discontinued publications from the arquia/thesis collection for download in pdf. In this case, you can enjoy the arquia/thesis 17 publication: La caja mágica. Cuerpo y escena (the magic box. Body and scene) by Fernando Quesada.

'We tend to identify the show concept with an event that is "produced", ready-made or prepared for a lethargic spectator who just wants to receive stimuli and whose ultimate goal is a drowsy stupor. As such, some words appear that are normally associated with the spectacular, such as seduction, subjugation, abduction and even submission.

These words put the viewer into a passive state, whilst also implying the existence of an active agent that exerts seduction, that subjugates, dominates. And no work of art expresses its ideological content as well as a spectacular work of art. However, we could reconsider the meaning of the architectural show.

Originally, the Latin term spectacula designated the place of the spectator, their space. And it may be possible to see the best instrument for self-representation in the show. That is to say, considering it as the architectural space available for writing the autobiography of the spectator.' Fernando Quesada.



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