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FAD 2014 awards: arquia/thesis 37 'Domestic utopias' and arquia/thesis 38 'Innovated tradition', 2014 FAD Awards for Thought and Criticism, and arquia/documentary 29, 'Visual acoustics' finalist.


The jury, formed by Juan Calatrava, Antonio Pizza and Moisés Puente, after reviewing the 20 works presented, has decided to award the 2014 FAD Award for Thought and Criticism ex aequo to the arquia/thesis 37 publications Domestic utopias, The House of the Future by Alison and Peter Smithson by Nieves Fernández Villalobos and arquia/thesis 38 Innovated tradition, writings on regression and modernity by Juan Domingo Santos and it awarded the status of finalist, alongside three other works, to the arquia/documentary 29 audiovisual document Visual acoustics. "La modernidad de Julius Shulman" (the modernity of Julius Shulman), by Eric Bricker. The arquia/thesis and arquia/documentary collections are edited by the Arquia Foundation.

Click here to consult the minutes of the jury for the FAD Awards for Thought and Criticism. You can check the award-winning works and finalists for the Thought and Criticism category here for the 2014 edition of the FAD Awards, as well as the finalists and nominees for the remaining categories.



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