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Free download of arquia/thesis 08 "La columna y el muro" (the column and the wall), Manuel Iñiguez


The dialogue between the column and the wall refers us to perhaps one of the more specific discourses that can be held with regards to architecture: that of materiality. A discourse that is based on the configuration of the Greek architectural order and is thus formed by the touchstone of all architectures that consider the material condition as their essential content.
The Greek architectural order is presented as the highest point reached in the representation of active tectonic relationships of weight and support, with its forms masterfully evoking the required condition of material balance with which construction is achieved.
On the other hand, the wall, though it initially displays a specific expressive inertia, does not resign itself to playing a secondary role with regards to the column, and in accordance with its requirement in architecture, it claims a dominant value in its representation.
The basis of a dialogue between the column and the wall was thus established, which is renewed in each architecture and from which a series of fragments is shown in this thesis.


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