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INTELIGENCIA COLECTIVA 2.0 by Zoohaus was awarded the 2012 arquia/upcoming award endowed with 15,000 euros


The jury, which met on 12 April at the headquarters of the Caja de Arquitectos of Madrid, holds it to be a complete and complex example of NEW FORMATS,  affecting both the way of working: a group of collectives (Zoohaus comprises Zuloark, Pez [study], León 11 among others), and the support: website.

Particular value is placed on a teamwork proposal that develops an online research and dissemination project, an open and participative database, based on the analysis and mapping of constructive details and prototypes. Furthermore, the accomplishment is noteworthy due to its capacity to generate new processes, an authentic format for transformation

The jury, which shortlisted 398 of the 1445 new accomplishments presented in this edition, chose 120 accomplishments that will form part of the online catalogue and 24 accomplishments that will be explained by their authors as part of the 3rd ARQUIA/UPCOMING FORUM IN A CORUÑA 2012: NEW FORMATS, which will take place on 25 OCTOBER in A Coruña and that we will soon inform you of.

Regarding the 120 catalogued accomplishments and 24 selected, the jury wanted to show the new "roles" of young architects, through which they are developing their work in looking for new formats, either via jobs or self-orders, new formulas of collaboration in groups or collectives, social activism and citizen participation, urban planning action, new media applied to architecture, and a new sensitivity to that already built




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