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Free download: arquia/thesis 11 'La arquitectura de Gunnar Asplund' (the architecture of Gunnar Asplund) by Manuel López-Peláez


The Foundation continues to recover discontinued publications from the arquia/thesis collection for download in PDF.

Registered users can now freely download and view in PDF the publication arquia/thesis 11 "La arquitectura de Gunnar Asplund" (the architecture of Gunnar Asplund) by José Manuel López-Peláez from the Foundation's website.


Asplund's architecture never leaves the visitor alone, it provides a support that does not impose, that arrives casually, for free. It is unusual to find that application in other architectures, that discreet attention — not at all servile or functional but rather warm—, as other architectures typically range from nervous excitement to the visitor's senses, the inquisitive stimulus to surprised imagination, the respected subjugation of the public — or simply tolerant disinterest in the visitor —.

This book acts in the same way as the architecture of Asplund in terms of the reader, books that he will almost certainly have known, familiar books, which form part of the memory of any architect. It is the reader himself that will go towards Asplund, and en route towards his architecture, i.e. in the text of José Manuel López–Peláez, Asplund is not going to be replaced by a written translation of his work, an interpretation that resolves, lights up and unravels it — as in many other monographs on the work of an architect —, but rather, as a result of the timely memory of its predecessors, other books, the book becomes another episode on the journey that, for many generations, architects have undertaken in coming to the architecture of Asplund. 

Josep Quetglas

You can download the publication by entering your login and password on the AF website and accessing the details of the publication arquia/thesis 11: The architecture of Gunnar Asplund.


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