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4th arquia/upcoming edition 2012-2013


The Caja de Arquitectos Foundation presents the 4th edition 2012-2013 of the arquia/upcoming programme for young architects in a new, more friendly, updated and participative format. In its fourth edition, arquia/upcoming has concentrated more than ever on constructing a great young architect's forum, favouring interaction between users, active participation with the jury through the new arquia/upcoming portal and ongoing communication through social networks. You will soon be able to participate in our new web forum, which you can see a preview of at PARTICIPATE IN THE NEW CALL, YOU COULD WIN 15,000 EUROS!

If you graduated within the last 10 years (from January 2002 for this edition) PARTICIPATE in and you could win the 2014 arquia/upcoming award worth 15,000 euros.

The deadline for uploading and updating your accomplishments is 28 February 2014. 

Check the requirements for participation at  or in the attached file.


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