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Arquia Foundation Awards. Scalae tender



As part of the 3rd International Congress of the Architecture and Society Foundation, held in Pamplona on 11, 12 and 13 June 2014, the Arquia Foundation awarded the prizes for the 'app scalae' tender.

The jury consisted of entrepreneurs from the editorial board of Scalae: Ferrán Figuerola, Josep Cusidó, Eva Blanco, Birgit Zondler, the co-editors Jaume Prat, Diane Gray, Tomoko Sakamoto and the director and editor of Scalae Félix Arranz.

The winning participants collected a set of six documentaries published by the Arquia Foundation from the directors of the Arquia offices closest to where they live: the complete collection of the arquia/masters collection (Oriol Bohigas, Rafael Moneo and Juan Navarro Baldeweg), and three copies of the arquia/documentary collection.

Winners and winning photographs in the following categories:

CRITICAL EYE: Pablo Faura Sanjuán, for the image "¿Qué buscas, Luis?" (what are you looking for Luis?). Arquia office in Zaragoza. Director: Ismael Perez.

HUMAN EYE: María Utrilla Paniagua, for the image "Arquitectura que no es funcional sino apropiada, que tiene sentido para esta gente y este sitio_universidad de Pamplona" (architecture is not functional but appropriate, which makes sense for these people and this place_university of Pamplona). Arquia office in Madrid. Director: Virginia Ramirez.

SPATIAL EYE: Jorge Rosel Saldaña, for the image "cib pamplona" (biomedical research centre in Pamplona). Arquia office in Zaragoza. Director: Ismael Perez.

ZOOM EYE: Samuel Martínez Ortíz, for the image "hay que llenar la botella medio vacía" (you have to fill the half-empty glass). Arquia office in Barcelona. Director: Joan Miralpeix.

PHOTOCALL: Iñaki Zaldua Iriarte, for the image "#photocall Montse Armau, Francisco Magén, Jaime Magén, Rebeca Tristán, Xavier Ros 3rd international architecture and society congress. Arquia office in Pamplona. Director: Carlos Ochoa.



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