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arquia/journal 9th BIAU New Geographies. Ibero-American contexts


On the Arquia Foundation's website, verified or accredited users can now download the PDF of the journal of the 9th BIAU New Geographies. Ibero-American contexts.

The PDF viewer provided by the Arquia Foundation allows free printing or downloading of pages or the entire document. It also incorporates features such as insert notes, a bookmark that lets you mark interesting projects and a selection of drawing and editing tools.

The journal of the 9th Ibero-American Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism held in October 2014 in the city of Rosario, Argentina, collects 30 winning works in this edition, chosen from the more than 1,000 proposals submitted.These works represent a reflection of the best projects in architecture and urban design, which incorporate the social, technological and climatic demands and contexts on the scale of architecture. They have also been awarded territorial and urban initiatives and strategies that help to construct new geographies, incorporating the demands of infrastructures, resolving economic tensions, valuing the unique ecologies of Ibero-America and promoting social cohesion.

The journal also includes the biography and details of five works by Fruto Vivas, Ibero-American Architecture and Urban Planning Award, along with the texts on the subject of the 9th BIAU by Francisco Burgos and Ginés Garrido, directors of the edition, and the texts on the exhibition held as part of the biennial by FRPO, the team that created its concept and design.



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