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'Saint-Pierre de Firminy-Vert' by Luis Burriel Bielza in the arquia/film archive


Saint-Pierre de Firminy-Vert by Luis Burriel Bielza in the arquia/film archive

The church of Saint-Pierre de Firminy-Vert, together with the chapel of NotreDame-du-Haut in Ronchamp and the Sainte Marie de La Tourette convent, form the set of iconic works of Le Corbusier intended for Catholic worship.

Luis Burriel Bielza reveals the project of the parish church of Firminy-Vert by Le Corbusier. The lecture was held as part of the Meeting on Studies on Le Corbusier, which took place on 22, 23 and 24 March 2007 in Granada. Watch it at

' The parish church of Saint-Pierre de Firminy-Vert is one of those projects that from the first glance arouse and excite our curiosity, fuelling a deep sense of emotion, whilst also giving rise to a certain confusion. His elementary geometry and spatial clarity hide the subtle distillation process through which the author has obtained, or rather "manufactured" this object, a faithful reflection of evocative fantasies.'Excerpt from an article published on 22 April 2010 in Tectónicablog, as a presentation of the thesisSAINT-PIERRE DE FIRMINY-VERT. The building as objet-à-réaction-émouvante by Luis Burriel Bielza.

It is possible to watch this documentary thanks to the collaboration and authorisation of the Official College of Architects of Granada.



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