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Ode to the abandoned factory by Iñaki Uriarte and Unai Alonso in arquia/film archive


In terms of the relationship of people with abandoned industrial sites, a deferred transfer of human feelings occurs. Those who worked there craved freedom of space, seeking to escape and end the mandatory commitment of daily liturgy. Now that there is no more production and the factory has closed, others of us are intent on entering, on perceiving new latent values, perhaps possessed by an interpretative inspiration.

Immersed in these huge scenarios, full of propositions that have been pushed aside, our senses are abducted by passionate stories that travel from the imagination to creation and conclude with this (con) fusion of space in time for the voice of memory and the sound of emotion.

Filmed between January 2011 and September 2012, in factories and industrial environments in the municipalities of Barakaldo, Basauri, Durango, Sestao, Trapagaran, Ecay and Marcilla.

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Iñaki Uriarte writes about the goal pursued by the film in an article in the Deia newspaper. 




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