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Alvaro Siza Viera in arquia/film archive


On the occasion of the publication of arquia/topics 38 SIZAxSIZA , we present two audiovisual works from the arquia/film archive on Alvaro Siza.

Architecture, Siza is a 12' excerpt from the documentary directed by Jean Lefaux and produced by Films Paco Poch} {Mallerich , which brings us closer to the figure of Alvaro Siza Vieira, one of the most important Portuguese architects of the twentieth century. Access at 

The excerpt begins with images of the Quinta da Conceição and Leca de Palmeira Pools, accompanied by the opinions of Bernat Huet, a French architect and urban planner, founder and professor at the Ecole Nationale Superieure d'architecture de Paris-Belleville, and comments by Alvaro Siza.

AFM 05: Landscapes revealed is an documentary on the lecture that collecting Alvaro Siza gave in the Beachfront Architecture Course that took place in 1997 at the University of Granada, organized by Rafael Soler Márquez, architect and professor at the ETSA Granada. This lecture is available in arquia/film archive, thanks to the collaboration of the Official College of Architects of Granada. In the documentary, Alvaro Siza gives us a tour of some of his work, detailing its relationship with the environment and landscape. Access at


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