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The 'ARQUIA/MASTERS ' and ' BEKLEIDUNG' collection. The Costumes of architecture' was awarded in the 10th BIAU


The collection 'ARQUIA/MASTERS ' and ' BEKLEIDUNG. The Costumes of architecture ' won the award in the 10th BIAU. The finalists included: "Fundamental writings of Gottfried Semper. Fire and protection ' and ' After the Eastern Journey. Charles-Édouard Jeanneret - Le Corbusier'

There were 160 books presented in the category of publications, 61 periodicals and 25 publications in other media (video). The winners from Portugal, Spain, Peru, Argentina and Mexico are works by academic and independent publishers. The prize also includes nine other finalists.

The winning entry in the category of Other Media was the Arquia Foundation's arquia/masters collection, for the interviews with Rafael Moneo, Ricardo Bofill, Manuel Gallego, Oriol Bohigas and Antonio Fernández Alba.

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