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Documentary DVD + book: arquia/documentary 31. CHARLES AND RAY EAMES


CHARLES EAMES (1907-1978) and RAY KAISER (1912-1988) revolutionized the world of design in the United States in the mid-twentieth century with their outstanding and pioneering contributions to architecture and furniture design as well as in the area of design industrial manufacturing, photography and film. From the "Eamery", an old warehouse in Venice, they created an amazing variety of products: splints for soldiers wounded in World War II, the famous "Plywood" chair, interiors and multimedia presentations, games, movies and toys: "The most of the best for the greatest number of people, for the minimum price." In 1949, they designed and built their own house in California, the Case Study House # 8, as a part of the programme promoted by the Arts & Architecture magazine, considered one of the most important postwar world homes.

The documentary THE ARCHITECT AND THE PAINTER, narrated by actor James Franco, is the first film made after the death of the Eames. It presents a multitude of unpublished files, love letters, photographs, videos and the prolific legacy of the couple as well as their personal life and their influence on important developments in American life.


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