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House on a Haunted Hill in arquia/film archive


A horror film shot in 1959 directed by William Castle, known for his series B films. The interest of the film, from an architectural perspective, lies in the decision to replace the classic gothic scene of horror films with the iconic Frank Ennis House by Lloyd Wright located in Los Angeles.

Although only the outside of the house is shown in the film (the interior resorts to classic Victorian decoration), the construction of a system of concrete blocks inspired by the Mayan temples can be seen clearly.

History shows an eccentric millionaire, played by actor Vincent Price, who invited five people to his mansion, where he is said to have committed crimes in the past. He offers them $10,000 to spend a whole night there, in solitary confinement, until the servants return. The guests do not know each other or the host, but need the money. Thus, the five strangers, the owner and his wife stay in the house, in which strange events begin to occur.

Ennis House has appeared in such films as Blade Runner (1982), Black Rain (1989), The Karate Kid, Part III , series like Buffy The Vampire Slayer and advertisements. The impact of his architecture has led to the recreation of original elements for certain film scenarios and several episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation or inside the apartment of Deckard in Blade Runner


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