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On April 25, 2016, the jury of the 5th edition of arquia/upcoming programme met at the Ateneo of Malaga, comprised by

ALBERTO VEIGA, commissioner for the fifth biennial of the ARQUIA/UPCOMING programme; EUGENI BACH, representative of the Levante area; CARLOS GOMEZ AGUSTÍ, Arquia Foundation patron; JESUS IRISARRI, representative of the Northern Zone; EVA MORALES, representative of the Southern Zone; VICTOR NAVARRO, representative of the Central Zone .; JOSE MARIA SANCHEZ GARCIA, representative of upcoming programs; GERARDO GARCIA-VENTOSA, Director of the Arquia Foundation as non-voting secretary.

The jury chose the 128 accomplishments that will be part of the catalogue, as well as 24 accomplishments which will be explained by their authors under the 5th Forum arquia/upcoming 2016.

The commissioner, Alberto Fernández Veiga, notes that this edition reflects the current situation, not so much of crisis, but of rethinking and search for identity in a confused context, in a IMPERFECT FUTURE. You can see his opinions in the following INTERVIEW .

The ARQUIA/UPCOMING prize of 15,000 euros, the ARQUIA/INNOVA prize of 3,000 euros and mentions will be announced in the 5th Forum arquia/upcoming: IMPERFECT FUTURE, next October 20, 2016 in the auditorium of the University of Málaga . Soon we will inform you about that programme. 

You can download the full list of selected accomplishments below.

If you prefer, you can see the accomplishments on the website:





24 SELECTED ACCOMPLISHMENTS (in alphabetical order)

 1. Tibbaut Apartment, Ras_Arquitectura

2. Bar Nou,  MAIO

3. Casa Caballero,  Joan Casals Pañella - José Luis Cisneros Bardolet

4. Casa G, Esaú Acosta Pérez

5. Cinecittà Occupatta, Ignacio González Galán

6. Ecobarrio UAC2 in Campos, Mallorca, Carles Oliver Barceló

7. Espai Nou a Casa Nova, Toni Gelabert Amengual

8. Intervention in the cloister of Palau-Castell in Betxí, The manufacturer of spheres

9. The 3 from SENPA, Valentín Sanz Sanz

10. The Limits of Google, Pedro Hernández Martínez

11. n'UNDO_Theoretical foundation and taking action, n'UNDO

12. New access to the historic center of Gironella, Carles Enrich Giménez

13. Transversal Blog landscape, Transversal Landscape

14. Panoramah! Experience, Taller de Casquería

15. Paper/Architectural Histamine, Gabriel Ruiz-Larrea Fernández - María Buey González

16. Persiana Barcelona, Pau Sarquella Fabregas

17. Strategic Plan for the recovery of Rec Comtal, Carles Enrich Giménez

18. Project [Agronauts], PEZ [study]

19. Urban Collector Publishing House, Ferran Ventura Blanch

20. Comprehensive reform of Son Amengual Puig - Manacor - Mallorca, MAIO

21. Restoration of a house in the Empordà, Girona, ARCHITECTURE-G

22. SDA. Cáritas Food Distribution, NUA Arquitectures

23. Workshop for a painter, Nuria Vila Costa - Olga Felip Ordis

24. Playgrounds. Multifunctional space for athletes with disabilities, Serrano + Baquero 



CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THOSE WHO WERE SHORT-LISTED AND SELECTED! In short, the Arquia Foundation will contact each author of each selected and cataloged accomplishment.



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