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We already have 15 new contributors for the Arquia Foundation blog thanks to the I call launched for that purpose. The deadline for submission of documentation, closed on April 8, 2016 with a total of 119 participations. 8 of these were rejected for not meeting the anonymity requirements.

The articles submitted were consulted by each of the jurors from April 9 to May 9, both included, and voted on the 15 selected articles listed below via an online voting module. The coherence and maturity of the proposals of the 4 posts stand out and demonstrate command of the subject by the authors as well as well-documented content.

 The 15 items selected were (in alphabetical order):

1. Unfinished finish: architectures that look at each other closely, Jelena Bugarski Prokopljevic

2. Isn't it wonderful?, de Raúl García García

3. Regulated architectures. Praise for systematization, de Adrià Guardiet Llotge

4. Tell me which school you are from and I will tell you which final project you have, Andrea Robles Carrasco

5. The day Le Corbusier visited the Gymnasium Maravillas, Alejandro Campos Uribe

6. Space is an industrial product, Ana Tovar García

7. Respect for the profession, Gloria Benito Aranzana

8. Eppur si adatta, Mario Fernández Cadenas

9. The (announced) death of paper: paper vs. the web, Alex Duro

10. 'The Brutality of Events' (Some notes from London), Maria Alvarez Garcia

11. The new sustainability in architecture: circular economy, Miren Leon Perfect

12. Architect books, Fermina López Garrido

13. Peripheral glances, Carlos Santamarina Macho

14. Omotenashi, or MOTUS Architecture, Julia Sanchez Ayuso

15. Why teach the children architecture?, Virginia Navarro Martínez



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