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Mudgee Tower in arquia/film archive


Mudgee Tower in #arquia film archive

Mudgee Tower is a work by Rob Brown from Casey Brown Architecture, based on his client's dream. Conceived as a completely sustainable shelter for two, the building fulfills all its requirements in a minimal plant measuring 3x3m. The documentary offers a look at the inspiration, design and construction of this unique shelter.

Mudgee Tower stands on a hill surrounded by granite rocks and old trees, consisting of two copper coated levels connected by a central staircase. The sides open to surroundings to the north, east and west, with a water tank and opening mechanisms to the south. When not in use, the sides are closed completely, protecting the wood and glass from the elements, and especially the fires that spread through the bushes.

The interior structure offers a seating area and a kitchenette. The staircase linking the two levels acts to drive natural ventilation.

The rain water is collected on the roof and conducted to the water tank. A toilet, with the same aesthetics as the main building, is within walking distance to the west.

The house was completely prefabricated by the manufacturer in Sydney and then moved to its location.


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