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PERSIANA BARCELONA, by Pau Sarquella and Diana Usón, receives the 2016 ARQUIA/PRÓXIMA AWARD, worth 15,000 euros.


PERSIANA BARCELONA, by Pau Sarquella and Diana Usón, receives the 2016 ARQUIA/PRÓXIMA AWARD, worth 15,000 euros.

THE ARQUIA/INNOVA AWARD worth 3,000 euros was given to the PAISAJE TRANSVERSAL BLOG. 

On 20 October, as part of the 5th Arquia/Próxima Forum, Malaga 2016: IMPERFECT FUTURE, the 2016 arquia/próxima award was given to PERSIANA BARCELONA for - in the words of Alberto Veiga, the curator of this 5th edition - facing the need to improve a product which, over the years, has become part of the collective consciousness. The features of the project are implemented with careful attention to detail, not only on a small scale but also considering how the element can characterise spaces on a larger scale and how the element will become attuned with the city. The way in which an element that is so simple in essence is capable of characterising and shaping a space gives some idea of why attitudes towards small things and, in this case, the creators' approach to this project, can sometimes be far-reaching.

First Prize in the Arquia/Innova Award was also given to the PAISAJE TRANSVERSAL BLOG for taking on the challenge of dissemination in the truest sense of the word. A challenge which is essentially underpinned by a desire to offer the public new ways of focusing work on the city, the environment and the landscape, even if that means going against the current. And it is this desire for a critical capacity, the cross-cutting nature of its analyses and the conceptual framework within which the entire project has been carried out that allows it to serve as a tool for thinking.

The jury also gave 3 SPECIAL MENTIONS:


BAR NOU, by Maio


You can view the minutes of the jury meeting below.

You can also download the online catalogue HERE.

The Online Vote Award (awarded by internet users) and the Opinion Award (awarded by people attending the conference) went to Ferran Ventura's publishing company RECOLECTORES URBANOS.

The Communication Award that the jury gave to the project whose creator it believed had explained, expressed and implemented better than any other, went to REC COMTAL by Carles Enrich.

You will soon be able to see the presentations of the 24 selected entrants, as well as the round table and the award-giving ceremony in the Conferences section of the film archive on the Arquia Foundation's platform. 


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