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The new school in the town of Bissiga in Burkina Fasso


In 2013, Architects Without Frontiers presented a building project to Arquia Banca for a school in the rural area of Bissiga, in Burkina Faso. Its aim, which was enthusiastically shared by Arquia Banca, was to improve the country's educational infrastructures to give primary school children access to a classroom, in the knowledge that education improves living conditions and leads to better economic development for the population as a whole.

The weather conditions, with a yearly rainy season that brought construction to a standstill, and the efforts to raise awareness in the town to encourage its active participation in every stage of the project, largely determined the schedule of the works. Finally, in September 2017, AWF informed us that the school had been completed and is now up and running.

Over those four years, through the members of AWF, we have participated in the development of the project and witnessed the benefits that have been reaped by the community of Bissiga. There are now 70 boys and girls in the school, surpassing the initial expectations, thanks to the new-found local prominence of the school, used to hold meetings during out-of-school hours and the work of AWF's local partner to promote schooling.

Our most sincere congratulations to AWF for the success of the action and thanks for giving us the opportunity to be part of it.


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