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"SIAMF cycles. International Seminar on Modern Architecture and Photography"


The series of lectures at the1st and 2nd International Seminar on Modern Architecture and Photography (2015-2016) with the following programme:

1st SEMINAR 2015. International debate with a perspective onLatin America, its architectural heritage and its visual reference.

Antonio Armesto: "Architecture and Photography: Cross-cutting usefulness"

María Fernanda Jaua: "Venezuela: Modern architecture and photography"

María Pía Fontana: "Bogotá: Visions of architecture"

Mara Partida: "Armando Salas Portugal. Photograph: Tool and communication"

Iñaki Bergera: "Photography and modern architecture in Spain"

Cristina Gastón: "The way in which we look"

Nicanor García: " Architectural photography on the internet"

Víctor Enrich: "NHDK Project"

Pedro Strukelj: "A parallel work. The photography of William Zamora in the modern architecture of Mexico"

José Quintanilla Chala: "Chile: Other ways, the same look?

Augusta Hermida: "Ecuador: Ovidio Wappenstein"

Nicolás Sica Palermo: "Modernity in Brazil: Origins, themes and compositional guidelines"


2nd SEMINAR 2016. The theme of the seminar focuses on the urban dimension of architectural reality and its photographic record. The ability that architecture has to shape the city and give it visual and spatial order is an evident fact in the light of many of the proposals offered by modernity. 

Antonio Armesto: "Points of View"

Juan Antonio Cortés: "Aleksandr Ródchenko: Architectural photography and the city"

Ricardo Fernández Rojas: "Buenos Aires, Architecture and Modern Photography, 1930-1980"

Diego López de Haro: "History of Pocitos in images"

Pablo Frontini: "Graphic reconstruction of a modern work of architecture"

Andrea Parga: "Caribe Hilton. Visual parallels"

Claudia Rueda: "Armando Salas Portugal: Dialogues between the landscape and architecture"

Horacio Fernández: Debate "Photobooks of towns in Latin America"



Viewing of all the audiovisuals in this Arquía/film library is possible thanks to the collaboration and permission of  Grupo de Investigación FORM+ and ETSA Barcelona - UPC.


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