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2nd Call for Contributors to the Arquia Foundation's Blog for 2018


2ND CALL to add 7 new contributors to the Arquia Foundation's blog  for 2018, with the aim of bringing added vigour to its thematic content. 

The jury will be composed of the following members:

  • Santiago de Molina, the author of Múltiples Estrategias de Arquitectura (multiple architecture strategies) and a current contributor to the AF blog.
  • Domenico Di Siena, architect and town planner from Humano Urbano.
  • Ana Luisa Soares, Portuguese architect and co-founder of FALA, Porto.
  • Ángela Barrios, sponsor and representative of the Arquia Foundation
  • Lorenzo Barnó, editorial director of the blog together with Agnieszka Stephien. He will act as the secretary, with the right to speak but not vote.

You have until midday on 6 April to send the following documents:

1 pdf file of your CV

1 pdf file with a post (unpublished and maximum 450-500 words, 1 DIN4) and the proposed titles for 3 other post (indicating the section they would belong in, 4 keywords or labels for each and a brief description of 140 characters maximum)

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