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Less Architecture, More City



The founder of the Arquitectura y Sociedad Foundation, Francisco Mangado, opened the 5th International Architecture and Society Conference at a ceremony which, for the second year running, was presided over by King Felipe VI. The official inauguration was also attended by the President of the Navarra Government, Uxue Barkos and the Minister of Development, José Luis Ábalos.

“Architecture is not an isolated point of personal preference, it is profoundly cultural and social, bound to the city as a reality that belongs to the common good”, declared Mangado.

Among the challenges of modern cities, he cited “problems that have been with us for some time, but which are persisting and, in many cases, getting worse”, such as the inordinate growth of the suburbs, the lack of facilities, insecurity, mobility and more recent issues such as the harm being done to the environment.

Regarding the slogan for this conference “Less architecture, more city”, he noted that entering a new phase focused on the big cities “is a pitfall”, before affirming that “the better the architecture, the better the city”.

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