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Arquia Social is launching the 2018 call for the Professional Reintegration Programme, which will take place in Seville.

A personalised plan to provide social and occupational support, guidance and advice, designed to improve the employability of architecture professionals hit by the crisis.

The economic crisis has dramatically reduced the amount of job opportunities in the sector, making it necessary to reorient professional activity towards new areas. In response to this situation, Arquia Social, an Arquia Banca initiative managed by the Arquia Foundation, has prepared this professional reintegration programme, together with the Red Cross' Employment Department and the Architects' Association of Seville.

After the successful experience of the first edition of the programme in Granada, the second edition is being set up in partnership with the Official Architects' Association of Seville.

What does the programme entail?

The programme provides direct, personalised support through individual and group training sessions and activities, to improve the skills of architecture professionals and tailor them to the new economic and social demands, to help them find new sectors for their professional activity.

Who is it for?

Professionals who have a degree in the architecture sector that need to change the direction of their professional career and who are looking for new opportunities. Priority will be given to professionals over 45 years of age and/or in situations of long-term unemployment.

How can I join the programme?

To join the programme you have to download the form that is available on its website (, fill it in and send it, together with the requested documents, in an envelope addressed to Arquia Social:

1. By mail to the Arquia Foundation (Arcs 8 Pral. 2 - 08002 Barcelona)

2. By email to

3. Hand-delivered on the first floor of Arquia's office in Seville (Pl. Cristo de Burgos, 28. -41003 Seville)

Arquia Social will contact all applicants directly to inform them whether they have been accepted into the programme. Registration closes on 29 June 2018.

After that date, if there are any places left, they will be awarded by order of application.

Arquia Social is a managed by the Arquia Foundation for Arquia Banca (Caja de Arquitectos S. Coop. de Crédito)

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