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Arquia and Cáritas extend the action programme to improve the homes of vulnerable families


Arquia and Cáritas sign an extension of their annual collaboration agreement in which they combine forces to improve the housing conditions of families that are vulnerable or at risk of exclusion.

Through Arquia Social, an initiative managed by the Arquia Foundation, Arquia Banca, the cooperative credit union for professionals, has signed an extension of its annual agreement with Cáritas Spain to promote a housing adaptation programme, with the aim of supporting the right of people to have decent housing, through a home improvement programme for families at risk of social exclusion or with special needs.

“The programme, developed jointly with the social welfare organisation Cáritas, is meeting the need to improve the habitability and accessibility of housing for families with limited resources, helping to improve their quality of life, while also promoting family dynamics and emotional development through decent housing”, declared the President of Arquia, Javier Navarro.

As part of its social commitment and support for architecture professionals, Arquia will manage the programme together with Cáritas, which will carry out the process of selecting families in each district through the various Cáritas Dioceses.

The scope of the programme will cover the whole of Spain, although the initial phase will take place predominantly in the provinces of Sevilla, Las Palmas, Cadiz, Granada, Cordoba, Valladolid, Albacete, Salamanca, Valencia and Huelva, without precluding any initiative that might arise in the rest of Spain.

This agreement includes a financial package intended to cover the direct cost of the work necessary to adapt the homes of families or people who are at risk of social exclusion. This is in addition to the existing agreement that covers the fees of the engineers involved in the work and which prioritises the use of architects with low incomes but a proven track record in these kinds of works.

The activities covered by this agreement are designed to ensure decent living conditions, such as work on kitchens and bathrooms, utility facilities, specific equipment for domestic hot water, making specific adaptations for the special needs of people with disabilities or the elderly, damp, pest control and improvements to doors and windows.


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