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The Arquia Foundation receives the 2018 Medal of Honour from the San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts.


The Arquia Foundation has been awarded the 2018 Medal of Honour by the San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts. This award recognises the organisation's extensive experience in promoting cultural, social, welfare, professional and training activities in the fields of architecture and related studies.

The Medal of Honour is awarded each year and was first introduced by the Academy of Fine Arts in 1943. This award is given to a person or organisation from Spain or abroad that has excelled in some way in studying, promoting or disseminating art, in artistic creation or in protecting historical, cultural and natural heritageThis year, the Arquia Foundation was nominated as a candidate by the academics and architects Alberto Campo Baeza, Juan Navarro Baldeweg and Rafael Moneo.

The Arquia Foundation promotes the awarding of grants and competitions relating to architecture, focusing on practical training, innovation and research. These grants and competitions also prioritise internationalisation and shared experience as a means of enhancing personal development.

The Foundation also opted to set up a specialised publishing company that is now going strong and has been in operation since 1997. Through this, it publishes everything from doctoral theses and theoretical papers to the Masters of Modern Architecture audiovisual collection. 

At the same time, it runs social programmes that improve the lives of people who are at risk of exclusion, dependents and people in ill health. Its philanthropic policy has led to the Foundation working together with other social organisations, such as Architects Without Frontiers and Banco de Alimentos (food banks), so that they can join forces and improve social action. Furthermore, the Foundation has a partnership with Cáritas to improve the housing conditions of people who are vulnerable or at risk of exclusion.

The organisation also creates specific support plans for professional groups. For example, it recently signed an agreement with the Red Cross which helps architects to get back into work

By bringing architecture closer to society through all of these professional, cultural and social initiatives, the Arquia Foundation was awarded the 2018 Medal of Honour, an award that will be formally presented on 21 November in the Academy of Fine Arts.


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