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The call to design a toy for children in hospitals closed on 4 May 2018, with 47 proposals received from the 45 teams that entered the competition.

After a long deliberation in a meeting on 7 June 2018, held at the headquarters of Arquia Banca in Madrid, the members of the jury for this call decided to select two winning projects and 6 special mentions, as detailed below:

For the 3-7 age range, the selected toy was NONHAI, by Ezequiel Collantes Gabella and Andrea Díaz Rozas, for being a highly versatile proposal that encourages creativity through free play and for including drawing as a tool. It enables interaction with adults and with other children and is scalable for other ages. It encourages both simple and complex use, with the possibility of developing short plays devised by the children. It allows them to imagine and recreate both domestic and urban spaces. We noted that it requires you to develop sustainable urban mobility, including new pieces to promote this: bicycles, scooters, buses, etc.) and manufacturing with more lightweight materials. 

For the 7-14 age range, the selected toy was TRIARQ, by Martina Almela Sena, Martín Ortolá Sabater and Ángela Almela Sena, for encouraging creative play, allowing you to play alone or in a group. The toy can take on both geometric and organic shapes, thereby offering an idea of transverse and integral architecture. It is also possible to form figures and 2D word games, so there is a wide range of possibilities for fun and games and they can be tailored to suit various ages.

The six proposals that the jury decided were worthy of a special mention are: 

  1. ID 11. HAUS by FindeBloc  (Mónica Sánchez Blanco and Mariano Sánchez Blanco)
  2. ID 13. NEXO by Tornasol Studio (Guillermo García Moreno and Inés Llasera).
  3. ID 28. ΦPHI by Maria José García-Matres Braza.
  4. ID 29. SISU by Fernando Gamarro Carreras.
  5. ID 49. ESTACIÓN EN URANO (station on Uranus) by Sergio Azpíroz Martín
  6. ID 53. IMAGINE A CITY by GED Arquitectura + Diseño Gráfico (Diana Mera Hernando, Estrella Mera Hernando and Gemma Díaz Tortajada).

The members of the jury would like to stress how difficult it was to choose the winners due to the outstanding quality of the proposals submitted and it regrets not being able to include more of the highly interesting proposals among the prize winners.The projects presented have a great deal of potential, are highly creative and have a wide range of options for playing both alone and in groups. A particular highlight was the way in which the entrants experimented with the possibilities of the materials to create some outstanding proposals, showing that behind each entry there was a lot of hard work, enthusiasm and professionalism.

The Arquia Foundation would like to express our gratitude for the positive response to the initiative and, in particular, we are extremely grateful to all of the entrants for the creativity of their excellent proposals. Congratulations and well done to each of them.


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