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Free download of the arquia/thesis 10 'Apuntes de viaje al interior del tiempo' (travel notes to the interior of time) by Luis M. Mansilla


Around some almost immutable Italian landscapes and ruins, observing the notes, photographs and comments left behind by the trip, the proximity of the images attempts to imagine how the different ways in which some architects represent what surrounds us is a statement of intentions on their position with regards to culture, the observer and nature.
The material is inert and mute, but when scratching it, when rubbing up against life, when moving it, it not only shows what it is, but also what it would like to be, its vocation and endeavours. A vocation that necessarily expresses (and hides) an understanding of the world. An understanding that can be seen almost in physical terms...Faced with the stubborn determination of nature, man and woman rise up in search of their own mental space, governed by freedom: freedom to stand before a world (imagining that it can be modified) and a culture (imagining that it can be understood). A space that is therefore encouraged by the potential of things, as if in our way of staying in the world we could claim the potential, what can be done, in the face of the feeling conveyed by the remoteness of life. Luis M. Mansilla


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