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Presentation of the Media Library agreement between the COAM and the Arquia Foundation


At 8 p.m. next Wednesday, 8 April 2015, the arquia/media library Collaboration Agreement between the Arquia Foundation and the COAM will be presented. Along with the presentation of the Agreement, the new arquia/media library will also be shown as part of the event, with the broadening of the content of the Filmography and the consolidation of the Film Archive as a benchmark in its field with more than 500 audiovisual documents.

The venue for the event will be the Auditorium on the second floor, with a capacity of 120 people. As part of the event, the agreement will be presented, along with the screening of 35 minutes of the documentary Tokyo, Espaces Intercalaires by Damien Faure, ending with a round table with the participation of the architect Josep Manuel García Roig; the film historian David Rivera and the architect and film critic Jorge Gorostiza, moderated by Gerardo García-Ventosa.

The Media Library of the Arquia Foundation is designed as a Research Centre for Audiovisual Documents of Architecture and Urban Planning, which is constituted as a benchmark of information for the study, dissemination and appreciation of audiovisual documents of architecutre, through the digitalisation, preservation and exhibition of existing Audiovisual Collections from entities within the sector and independent audiovisual productions, as well as their registration and safekeeping, and the promotion of the new creation of audiovisual cycles and works.

The Arquia Foundation's Media Library is currently organised according to two types of content: Film Archive (arquia/film archive) and Filmography (arquia/filmography), whose functionality allows the creation of arquia/cycles.

The arquia/film archive is a film archive where accredited users of the AF platform can view audiovisual documents from the field of architecture and architects for free via live-stream. Its catalogue is organised into four sections: documentaries, lectures, cooperation and fiction;

The arquia/filmography  is a record of architectural documentaries presented by information sheets on the work and its physical location for possible consultation (if not available in the online catalogue of the Film Library);

The arquia/cycles are created from a selection of the audiovisual content in the Film Library, and can be completed with references from the Filmography and thematic proposals from experts invited to the Media Library or made by the Arquia Foundation itself.

The COAM / Arquia Foundation collaboration agreement initiates a series of agreements already implemented with institutions of the sector, with the aim of preserving, cataloguing, unifying and disseminating existing audiovisual collections of architecture.

The digitalisation of a selection of works from said collections by the Arquia Foundation and the transfer of such works by the institutions for their viewing in the Film Archive, helps to prevent the loss of these testimonials due to the natural degradation of the archival material, regaining the cultural value of the activities that were carried out and allowing the viewing of recordings in older formats.

The collaborating institutions provide a list of their Audiovisual Collection that, after cataloguing and unification work by the Arquia Foundation, then proceeding to the dissemination of the existing audiovisual documents on architecture and include the information in one records base available to the specialist public, which can be searched freely in the Filmography content.

The content of the Film Archive, which is available to all architects is established as an online catalogue of a selection of audiovisual documents related to the field of architecture and architects. The Film Archive provides access to all audiovisual documents available in its online catalogue to architects and architecture students of professional bodies and schools of architecture in Spain.

In the agreement with the COAM, the Arquia Foundation has developed an application that allows direct access for members of the COAM to the Architecture Film Archive without needing to be accredited.


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