About arquia/film archive

The Film Archive of Architecture is a Arquia Foundation cultural programme that was established as a framework, promotion and dissemination of architecture, containing audiovisual documents on architecture and architects, showing their creative, cultural and social dimensions.

Intended primarily for students, architects and institutions of the sector, the Film Archive is also directed to all professionals involved in the architectural environment, the construction of buildings and generally interested in architecture, as well as film buffs.

arquia/filmoteca It is a free on-line viewing system that uses streaming of audiovisual materials covering the field of architecture and architects, organized into four sections: documentaries, conferences, fiction and cooperation.


Section including fiction and nonfiction (documentary) films, where the main theme is architecture (urban development, landscaping, sustainability, etc.) and architects. This section constitutes the backbone of the film archive catalogue.


Section containing fiction films (short, medium-length and feature films), where the argument, photography, scenery or other characteristics are highlighted and object of study, mention or discussion in the architectural environment.


Audiovisual section for dissemination of cultural activities (conferences, etc.) conducted by the Association of Architects and Architecture Spanish schools, foundations and related sector entities.


Section for audiovisual disclosure of cooperation activities in the field of architecture by non-governmental organizations (NGOs), related foundations and non-profit entities.

Free viewing

The catalogue that is available for viewing consists of a selection of documentaries recorded in the Arquia Foundation Documentary Library. Since temporarily available works on-line from arquia/filmoteca are constantly increasing in number, we recommend that you register as a user to enjoy the Documentary Library so you can keep up with all the new items added.

Initially, each user can enjoy up to three monthly viewings of the same audiovisual item and a maximum of twenty different titles, which can be chosen from the works in the catalogue of viewings available at that time.

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