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Resonance: Raj Rewal and Tradition by Manu Rewal in the arquia/film archive


We recommend this 30-minute documentary in which in an architectural tour through six projects of the Indian architect Raj Rewal, his design philosophy is shown. The Hall of nations, the Nehru Pavilion, the SCOPE building, the CIET building, the Asian Games Village and the NII research campus. Images of historic buildings and thumbnails appear at strategic points in order to show how modern rationalism, a rigorous sense of the function, structure and manufacturing, has been reconciled with the typologies drawn from the past. The transitions between the different projects are highlighted with images of working women carrying loads. It is the final image that reveals what they are doing. The intention is to target the socio-economic and technological context in which buildings are constructed.

An documentary in which the images flow to traditional music from northern India. Each musical piece has been chosen with the intention of evoking the 'Rasa' or accompanying character of the project.

During his childhood in Hoshiarpur in pre-independent India, Raj Rewal loved drawing. Within a few years, his significant sketches became comic strips for the Shankar's Weekly, a magazine of political cartoons. Fifty years later, other sketches by Rewal were used as the basis for the most prominent buildings in Delhi, including the Asian Games Village, the State Trading Corporation and the Parliament Library.

You can watch the documentary here.




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