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José Antonio Coderch in the arquia/film archive


You can view this documentary in the arquia/film archive thanks to the collaboration and authorisation of the Official College of Architects of Catalonia. 

In the documentary, Coderch reads and comments on the article 'It's not geniuses that we need now' written in 1961, and chats with Emilio Donato and R. Santos Torroella. His work is shown with retrospective photographs of his life and images taken by Coderch himself. Finally, Antoni Tàpies discusses the reasons for commissioning Coderch to design his house.

This documentary is the reissue of the original from 1988, produced by the COAC as part of the '6 arquitectes' collection, available for viewing in the arquia/film archive. The collection was published by the Documentation Centre of Images from the Area of Culture, Training and Publications of the College of Architects of Catalonia, and coordinated by Pedro Puertas. It recovers six conversations from the COAC library collection held in the 1980s by architects from the Catalan scene.

The first six conversations selected are an audiovisual document that provides us with an opportunity to meet a generation of architects today considered masters and witnesses of a period of architecture that came out of Catalonia.

With this vocation of transmitting knowledge, discussions were carried out by young architects of a later generation.

The first six conversations reissued by the COAC are:

José Antonio Coderch & Emili Donato

Francesc Mitjans & Josep Lluís Mateo

Antoni de Moragas & Josep Muntañola

Josep Pratmarsó & Lluís Nadal, Oscar Tusquets

Josep Lluís Sert & Jaume Freixa

Josep María Sostres & Josep Quetglas

Watch the documentary in the arquia/film archive.



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