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Filmed over ten days mainly in Maputo, Mozanbique, during the winter of 2010 by a group of graduate students from the School of Architecture at the University of Cape Town and directed and edited by Christopher Bisset, "A Procura de Pancho" is an experimental film in which animation, illustration and reality merge following the journey of a lonely student who moves to the city to explore the vibrant work of the architect and artist Pancho Guedes.

Guedes, an iconic and ideal figure for the creation of audiovisual material, is particularly known for his innovative creations in concrete, in which he infuses the vibration of city life. His work focuses on the fantastic qualities of the design and, unlike other architects of his generation, he has always defended the role of the architect as an artist and storyteller. The ideas behind his buildings come frequently from drawings, paintings and sculpture.

The authors of the film reinterpreted the cities of Maputo and Johannesburg, both of which house Guedes' sculptural buildings in an attempt to show that the architect's ideas remain alive, not only in the buildings he designed, but also in the minds of people who have experienced them.

The student travels through the city, visiting Guedes' buildings by himself and finding them in various states of deterioration, but noting that regardless of their decline, they continue to exert their dynamism and maintain the ideal of their creator.

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