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The work of Fabrizio Carola, an Italian architect from Naples, focuses on the recovery of traditional Mediterranean architecture models: arches, vaults and domes. His research is primarily in Africa, with the recovery of the manufacturing technology of the traditional Nubian compass. With the development of this technology, Carola manages to create architectures and respects the place and its tradition, effectively addressing the criteria of cost and speed of execution.

"... So, I modified the compass for ogival domes, and a world of forms and spaces opened before me ..."

The Kaedi Regional Hospital in Mauritania is undoubtedly his most representative work: "... A particular form is not the work of an architect, but a consequence of thought ...".

He is currently working for Campania, San Potito Sannitico (CE), Italy, an experimental village for training, entitled "7 piazze NEAGORA '" School of Construction and DIY in the theory of curved structures, arches, vaults and domes.

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