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La ciudad del futuro cómo templo utópico, los alpes, Austria. Para el departamento de arquitectura paramétrica de Innsbruck.


It is known that man needs symbols and temples. It is also known that man transforms nature to demonstrate control over it. But the battle of man is not against the mountain but against himself, against his nature  because man is free and prisoner of his own deity. From the beginning we wanted the city was a place to escape, a place where you go to pilgrimage. A central system that bases its rules and its functioning in a different order.  Thus we find the top of the mountain as the symbolic element of the non-accessible. We wanted to turn the summit into a temple and the temple into a city whose main scenic element  was an artificial transformation of nature, an east-west cut that generates a great open temple , a great open city.The temple is the void and the city are the walls that limit the artificial canyon.These new walls will be transformed and become a city. "The network will become flesh and reflective garden city full of life". This new system will be a city that behaves like a vibrating organism  changing reflecting and adapting its physiognomy to conditions in the time.

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José de la Peña Gómez-Millán
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- Fecha Terminación: Junio 2011
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